All I Know–Part 3

Ethics, not morals, matter.

When we speak of morals, a religious connotation is usually implied. Morals, though, are a person’s or a society’s opinions of how we should (or should not) act and often are attributed to God or some higher guiding force. Today we need ethics, or codes of personal conduct that seek to prevent people from taking advantage of each other. Business people, for example, need their own form of ethics, as do medical professionals and newspaper reporters. To put it simply, morals are expressions of what one “thinks” is right or wrong, while ethics are carefully crafted sets of procedures that direct a person to act responsibly toward all people, all the time.

One thought on “All I Know–Part 3

  1. Tom Trebswether August 31, 2009 / 3:53 pm

    The moral person knows it is wrong to cheat on their spouse. The ethical person will not cheat on their spouse.


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