A Poem About Loathing The Man

This poem appears in the Summer-Fall 2009 issue of Struggle: A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Literature, edited by Tim Hall, to whom I owe thanks.


“I wanna see assholes & elbows &
That’s all I wanna see,”
Says the little boss-man efficiently

“Work needs working, everybody knows, &
That’s all I’m gonna see,”
Says the frumpy boss-man angrily

See the workmen, sweaty workmen,
Exhausted, delirious, grinding away &
There’s the dopey boss-man, gathering his pay

In the dingy factory, will it ever end?
Lines of assholes & elbows toiling away
Except the fat-cat boss-man, laughing up the day


One thought on “A Poem About Loathing The Man

  1. That is the description and attitude most of my bosses have had. We never get enough work done to please them. When I first started in this trade at Buhrke in October of 1978 I first heard that expression after I was there about a week and I have heard it many times since then. Amazing!


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