The Dating Game


We connected on the internet
Auto-matched by profile page
I set a date for a closer look
After breezing through the intro stage

In the bookstore café she arrived
Smiling with a “nice to meet you”
The give-and-take of partial truths
Engaging strangers at a table for two

Three hours in we had to split
She went left and I turned right
If I factored in her future plans
She wasn’t letting on that night

But a morning text made it clear
“No connection–nice to meet you”
Her goodbye leaving me confused
Alone again at a table for two


Nice Guy Blues


Always get the “you’re so nice”
A thoughtful man, I’m told
Still waiting for a touch of love
A hand my hand can hold

Waking just extends the dream
My made-up gods no longer real
In trading youth for wisdom
I sense I’ve made a rotten deal

There’s what you desire
Loads of empties to fill
Then the blunt force trauma
Of fate crushing your will

Plagued by good intentions
Think my impulses through
I’m perfect at self-sabotage
Messing up the best I do