With God On Our Side

“Warning: Graphic Abortion Photos Ahead.”

So read a temporary sign chained to a street sign in a neighborhood near mine last week.

Down the road, sure enough, there were the photos, held up by proud pro-lifers, so desperate to save us all. I gave one group a sneer as I drove past, but they had tied their self-righteous blinders on too tightly to take notice.

I can engage in a debate about abortion anytime; what concerns me here is the amount of moxie it takes one to display his convictions at a busy intersection on a Thursday afternoon in July.

The way I see it, there are two types of people in the world: those who believe in something no matter what, even when (and especially when) confronted with divergent viewpoints—and those who are willing to have serious philosophical discussions in which they accept the reality that a single answer may never be reached.

Religion tends to recruit the first group, the stubborn herd. Philosophy appeals to the second group, the free-thinkers who refuse to hide behind short-sighted conclusions.

It’s ironic that members of the stubborn herd, so confident that God is on their side, often feel compelled to display their rigid beliefs in a way that merely exposes their insecurities. People comfortable with ambiguity and philosophical incongruities don’t need to shout the Truth at random folks trying to get home on a Thursday afternoon in July.