Negative Capability

Negative Capability

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

My body is a hobby
and I am its pursuit.

My mouth is a pillow
and I am its drool.

My cock is a cave
and I am its rock.

My mind is a meadow
and I am its dew.

My heart is a snare
and I am its beat.

My tongue is a palette
and I am its brush.

My foot is a fetish
and I am its shoe.

My soul is a theory
and I am its proof.

My breath is a breeze
and I am its blow.

My nose is a sniffer
and I am its glue.

My eye is a flicker
and I am its screen.

My hand is a jack
and I am its load.

My life is a boar
and I am its grunt.

c b snoad
draft 1-15-13
edit 1-19-17


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