Who Is Emily Dickinson?

Who Is Emily Dickinson?

She’s a jilted bride
Treading Niagara Falls
Nothing but a barrel
To pour her heart into

Or maybe a stage actress
With unspeakable lines
A midnight reveler
In the joys of darkness

Perhaps she’s an all-thumbs
Supple seamstress
With irreverent grace
Stitching shooting stars

Or maybe the lovely assistant
In fuck-me boots
Sawing Houdini in half
Before a live studio audience

Who is Emily Dickinson?
She’s a barefoot genius
Googling herself at my desk
On a Windows typewriter

Sticking poems with no titles
In the safety of my drawers
I’m not allowed to touch
Without permission

c b snoad
draft 1-30-13
edit 1-21-17

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