Sharp Left Turns
Copyright © 2008-2018 by Charles B. Snoad
All rights reserved.

Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL
B.A. English, Summa Cum Laude, 2002
Staff Writer, The Leader
Opinion Columnist, The Leader
Nominated: Senior of the Year

Research Papers
“Gentlemen in Distress No More: How Tarzan of the Apes Saved Modern Masculinity”
“John Locke Versus Bloggers: Kenneth Burke as ‘Association’ Referee”

Creative Nonfiction
“An Image of My Father” in Hippocampus Magazine

Lynx Eye
Middlewestern Voice

The Unknown Writer

Research Interests
Continental Philosophy
Jean Baudrillard
Jean-Paul Sartre
Mental Health Counseling
Psychoanalytic Theory
Masculinity/Gender Studies
Social Construction Theory
Critical Theory
Consumer Capitalism
Media Theory/Digital Consumption
Modernism & Postmodernism
Structuralism & Poststructuralism
Contemporary American Culture
Contemporary American Politics
Composition Theory


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