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Breakup Song

Tell me everything is alright.
Tell me everything is all right.
Tell me everything is alt right.
Tell me I don’t look fat in these jeans.
Tell me I’m the one that got away.
Tell me I was your thirst.
Tell me this world wasn’t meant for one as beautiful as me.
Tell me I’m on your mind when you come.
Tell me my hands are bigger than the president’s.
Tell me I donate enough to hurricane relief funds.
Tell me you bought my book and the shipping was free.
Tell me I’m a white boy from the suburbs what do I know about “suffering.”
Tell me everything will be OK.
Tell me everything will be okay.
Tell me I’m more than a hound dog.
Tell me my poem is lovelier than a tree.
Tell me you think of me when you come.
Tell me everybody dies in the end.
Tell me nice guys let the girl finish first.
Tell me I’ve no longer got you babe.
Tell me what will be will be no more.
Tell me if I liked it then I should’ve put a finger on it.
Tell me he doesn’t taste the same as me.


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