Negative Capability #2

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

My face is a mirror
And I am its gaze

My finger is a prick
And I am its tip

My lust is a mistress
And I am its boob

My rear is a bum
And I am its couch

My beard is a garden
And I am its gnome

My faith is a habit
And I am its nun

My fear is a mountain
And I am its cliff

My will is a fortune
And I am its heir

My ego is a lion
And I am its pride

My voice is a note
And I am its tone

My wit is a parent
And I am its kid

My life is a ripple
And I am its wake


Negative Capability

Negative Capability

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

My body is a hobby
and I am its pursuit.

My mouth is a pillow
and I am its drool.

My cock is a cave
and I am its rock.

My mind is a meadow
and I am its dew.

My heart is a snare
and I am its beat.

My tongue is a palette
and I am its brush.

My foot is a fetish
and I am its shoe.

My soul is a theory
and I am its proof.

My breath is a breeze
and I am its blow.

My nose is a sniffer
and I am its glue.

My eye is a flicker
and I am its screen.

My hand is a jack
and I am its load.

My life is a boar
and I am its grunt.

c b snoad
draft 1-15-13
edit 1-19-17

My Sentiments Exactly

I recently told a friend that I want to feel more. I’m weary of thinking, I said. I want to feel more. What does this mean? Humor me a little while I pick this idea apart.

Possible Interpretations/Some Notes Regarding the Sentiment “I Want to Feel More”:

  1. “Feel” as emotion, as in being comfortable with how I feel about the world.
  2. “How I feel about the world,” as in my impressions of the world, or my world, to be exact.
  3. “How I feel about the world,” as in what emotions I feel while being out in the world.
  4. “Feel” as touching, as in holding loved ones close or grabbing onto things that catch my eye, like an infant.
  5. “Feel more” as in feel like I’m more than just myself, that I’m greater than the sum of my parts.
  6. “Feel more” as in I want other people to see and accept my complexity, so that I feel like more than just a regular person to the people I care about.
  7. “Feel” as opposed to think, as in I think too much.
  8. Making the statement knowing full well that saying “I want to feel more” matters less than actually going out and feeling.
  9. It’s a mistake to separate thinking and feeling in the first place; they inform each other.

I could go on, but I think I proved my point. I must’ve been channeling Keats or some other Romantic poet. And good poets, after all, know how to feel.