Free Writing #4

Neurotics lick
Invisible wounds
At pity parties

God works in
Mysterious grays

I’m either
On the phone or
Away from my desk

How would you rate
Your experience
In general?

God sends angels
People send emoji
Thoughts and prayers

I’m on the phone
Under my desk
How would you
Like your refund?

Priests high-five
True believers on
Palm Sunday

I’m either
In pursuit or
On the run

How would you rate
My experience
In general?

Anxious poets
Fear the verse

Are these
Tide Pods

I’ll have to
Check with
My manager


Recovering Neurotic

A few days ago I joined an online dating site for people living with mental illness. During the sign-up process, I answered basic questions about myself and the type of woman I’m looking for. Unlike eHarmony or Match, this site contains a question about each user’s diagnosis. I searched and searched for the label that best describes my situation but was unable to locate the box for “Recovering Neurotic.”

I find this an apt description of my current state. Contemporary psychology has little use for the term “neurosis,” but I like it because it’s a polite way of saying I’m kind of nutty. Some days I’m more neurotic than recovering. But every day I go without a date I’m more than a little lonely.